Saturday, September 4, 2010

The pages are gray dreary dreamy.
My ideas not there at all.
Forgive me for not forgetting
            Shoes should be left in the hall.

The dream forgets its pages.
Ideally we are forgiven.
Dreary doll gray and all.
            Shoe is good to be living.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Every goddamn day
The same thing

Or else I go crazy:
Sit and eat

And think and drink
And try to remember what love is

When it gets too hot

And dream of love

Wake up hungry
For love

Work towards love
Until the sun sets

Then sup on love
Then wash my face

Turn out the light
And listen for love in the dark

I come to you fully formed
Not with word but with sword
Fully drawn
            In the image of a song

Free of wrong
Sum total of accepted law

            With virtue and virtuosity

Witness: Precocity
And precious specimens of
Luminous love and atrocity

Fully aware
And fully present

            And proud to smell of it.