Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Love Song

I want a flower
That is a part time dog
I’ll crack your skull
And share my dirt with you
We’ll stink together
We’ll eat off the floor
My nose where it oughtn’t
Hair in my teeth
Taste me when you’re dying
Die for me
I’ll pick up your bones
I’ll hold your hand while you sleep

Morning Glory (waking from a restless dream)

I am 
Leg and cock
Am hair
And snot
And teary eye
Weary heart
Left weary
By lie
And helpless want.
My breath
Is sour
Mornings in your  wetted wood.
Who will 
Let Me
The dream
The good?
I have heard 
There’s a man like that
With word for face
And wish for hat
He stands by
The corner
And unsure
While in the harbor
Dark craft 
Blow warnings 
Of their departure.
The day will be
A sunny one
Already the dream 
Is burned away.
Another day then
To discover
The man
And if he is my brother.

you live in me more than you live
such is the cost of loving
to never really know a thing
to know a thing too well, then nothing
I’m only awake in your dream 
at your mercy, nothing at all
Heaven is the hole I live in
your heart the hand of my Fall

I saw it down south
No first I saw it reflected north
I saw it down south
A single strike to the ground
Then I noticed for the first time the F-train
At its highest point
Down south at Ninth Street
From here, the ninth floor
Lightning lighting up the window
Reflected in the dirty window
Of the apartment where my brother died 
Then I sat in bed
More reflections looking north
Buildings in the way
Then it came
The rain
Like a train
From the south.