Sunday, January 4, 2009

Acronyms for a New Age

III? Is it in?
IWICTY I wish I could tell you
NBFAWB Not bad for a white boy
IWIWD I wish I was dead
SOMBF   Some of my best friends
TFF  Too fucking funny
UMMS You make me sick
ANWWT Ain't nothing wrong with that
PITA Pain in the ass
AFOAMCL A face only a mother could love
DRM Don't remind me
SUAGTFOOMH Shut up and get the fuck out of my house
ISDUSS I'm sorry did you say something
STHSDT She thinks her shit don't stink
SIASD Stupid is a stupid does
PPTB Please pass the butter
DH2TM2 Don't have to tell me twice
BINUNT2M Bitch, I know you're not talking to me
MAIKM My ass is killing me
TMAI Tell me about it
WDUW4N What do you want for nothing?
WAI?CL What am I, chopped liver?
ATAGT? And thats a good thing?
GFU Go fuck yourself
WAYR What are you, retarded?
LIGAF Like I give a fuck?
DNUSO Don't knock yourself out
TTSWC Talk to someone who cares
TSNR That's so not right
AICB? And I care because?

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Seth Evans said...

TSGSM That's some good shit man.