Monday, January 5, 2009

Poem for the ages

When I was young Jesus was a very cool dude,

And I was him, crawling under the coffee table.


We have both grown up to be different men.

I think how tired he must get doing his thing.


I only want a little bit of Jesus in my life

There is only so much that I can fit in me.


I know I know, a little goes a long way

But if it’s one thing I learned - shit costs.


Maybe some day he will explain it himself.

“Ah, Matty you know it’s all just a bunch of whatever.”


No doubt it would be interesting, 

I bet he likes to cook.


Or maybe at the museum:

“I’m all over the place lately!”


Then taking it down a notch he would say

“Dude, seriously, we gotta hang more often.”


But there are tons of folks I haven’t seen for an age.

What makes you so special?


Aww he’d grin that million dollar grin,

The Pantydropper, the Mama’s Darlin’,


“Nothing, Brother, nothin’ at all.”

And wink and I’d know I was right


All along.

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