Thursday, March 26, 2009

I really don't think the psychology of the artist matters all that much and I don't really find it all that interesting a topic, unless of course the artist is mad or debauched.  Most artists are gray birds who take flight and color only in the work they make.  Besides, the work is always a gift, and we are just the filter through which it passes.  What I think is important is how a work of art reveals the soul, which is after all a very big thing.  I think peoples pyschologies by contrast are actually very small, and easily summed up.  It is the wonder of how we fit a soul into our meagre little minds that is the miracle, and that is why we keep trying, and keep producing so many works of art, if only to honor and reveal the soul throughout all corners of creation.  It is also in the surfeit of our feelings, which seem overly large and overwhelming most of the time, that we seek some sense of sense.  It's a futile exercise.  Just swim I say, and forget about the edges of the ocean.

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